Mel in the Wild

These interviews are moving to Travel Tuesday. The more interviews I've done, the more I felt it would be a deserving spot for these interviews to take place on Tuesdays. Bloggers are from all over the world and from all walks of life. I love asking other people about their lives because I'd love to… Continue reading Mel in the Wild

traveling bear rome

Meet Mocha in Rome

It's Travel Tuesday. Since the end of the the Weekly Travel Blog Challenge, I came up with a few travel-themed ideas for Tuesday and one of them is to share a bit on the Travelling Bear Project. Yup, Mocha went somewhere in world. She went to England to meet with Vikki and off she went to Montenegro...and… Continue reading Meet Mocha in Rome


Part II of Grad School Applications(?)

We're still talking about this? Why yes we are! I applied last May with the intention to start this year in the fall. I thought to myself, if I hear back, great but if I don't get accepted, then it's not meant to be. Then I got a response from the program that they needed… Continue reading Part II of Grad School Applications(?)


Greeting of the seasons

The thing I look forward to in the spring is going to the park seeing the cherry blossoms leaving winter, greeting spring. Beautiful, but so short-lived. We try to go to the park as often as we can to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Living in Los Angeles, we don't have leaves that change color indicating… Continue reading Greeting of the seasons


Week 21: Not Quite the End

Week 21: Your challenge post highlights and what you’ve learned during this challenge The Travel Challenge ends here but Travel Tuesday will still live on though. I have plenty of other posts I can fill on Tuesdays with such as: Mocha's Travelling Photos More travel stories. Based on a lot of my posts I can certainly… Continue reading Week 21: Not Quite the End


2017: The Year of the Planner

In late 2016, I bought a planner for 2017. I'm not sure what the tick was for me to buy a planner. Maybe it was to tap into my creative side more often, to give my eyes respite from looking at screens all day, an excuse to add stickers, to write and set myself goals.… Continue reading 2017: The Year of the Planner


Hike 35/52: Cave of Munits

Date: September 5th Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Weather: Hot Distance: 2.53 miles Say what? A cave in LA? Yes there is a cave in LA and not too far from my house. It was my first time exploring the El Escorpion Park. It's funny how you come from super suburbs to this vast park in a few steps. Unfortunately… Continue reading Hike 35/52: Cave of Munits

Tahoe 2014

Week 20: Travel bucket list (countries/activities)

First I want to say, this has been an awesome stomach-churning World Series between the Dodgers and the Astros. I did hope for a long series and they are certainly delivering. The games are running past my bedtime throwing off my daily schedule, but it's been so exciting! Ahh yes, my travel series is almost… Continue reading Week 20: Travel bucket list (countries/activities)


Christine in the Wild (Ohio)

Happy Motivation Monday everyone! Meet Christine from Youngstown, Ohio. She has a blog called Fabulous and Pink, a lifestyle blog sharing life hacks, raising her 23-year old autistic nephew, and her job. She's passionate about her job she has held with the same employer for the past 32 years. I have to say, I work… Continue reading Christine in the Wild (Ohio)


“Never Let Me Go” by Kashuo Ishiguro

*Deep breath* I'm going to try to make this review as spoiler free as possible. At first glance a book titled Never Let Me Go by Kashuo Ishiguro sounds like a typical romance novel about lost love but I certainly did not expect high school romance meets coming-of-age meets quasi-science fiction meets quasi-dystopia. You know something… Continue reading “Never Let Me Go” by Kashuo Ishiguro


Week 19: Travel Confessions

Week 19: Confessions For this post, I'll list out a few travel confessions I am guilty of. Sometimes I check my work e-mail during my vacation - Despite before my vacation I create an out-of-office reply, I check my e-mail and sometimes I *shudders* reply. When I was in Seattle in May, I kept checking… Continue reading Week 19: Travel Confessions


Enchanted: Forest of Light

Last December I went to Descanso Gardens' Enchanted: Forest of Light in La Canada. At night, the ever-changing colored lights blanket the trees and the sprinkling chandeliers make the garden magical -- and not in a cheesy way. This event quickly became one of my things to so during the holiday season. I can't wait until… Continue reading Enchanted: Forest of Light