5 Things…to do to other than social media

I decided to make this week’s “5 Things” thematic and decided to gear it towards things I can do not related to social media. I was inspired by this post on Thrive Global.

I confess, times I’ve been burnt out from social media because there’s so many outlets nowadays. I do a bit of social media on my job and I do get sucked into the numbers games not only at work, but also in my personal social medias. I am not against social media at all for either personal or work life. It’s a wonderful tool to share information and build community within hobbies and industries. But once in a while having a break is the healthy thing to do. Having a list of things to “unsocial media” yourself is a checkpoint on what you can do instead of mindlessly going streams of social media feeds and focus on enjoying life. At the moment, instead of social media I should…

1. Read a book

I am addicted to tracking my Goodreads Challenge. This year my goal was to read 30 books and it looks like I am well on my way. I am currently at 13 of 30 books. Should I start changing my goal? Or maybe I’ll wait when I get to 30 books and create those read goals by then. This would lead me to my next point…


From The Last Bookstore


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Hike 16/52 Parker Mesa Overlook via Los Liones Trail

Date: March 24th

Neighborhood: Pacific Palisades

Difficulty: 3

Weather: Cool and Sunny

Distance: 7.04 miles (out and back)

This hike is beautiful and reminiscent of my time in Amalfi Coast about a year ago. It’s wonderful to know I can find a piece of Italy in Los Angeles. This automatically makes its way to my top hike spots in LA!

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