Amara Coffee and Chocolate

"Amara Coffee and Chocolate" is originally posted as a guest post for The Cappucino Traveler. Just like me, Crystal is passionate about coffee across different methods and styles. Come check it out! This post is part of a series of different people sharing their favorite (local) cafes. In this post, I feature Amara Coffee and… Continue reading Amara Coffee and Chocolate


Week 10: Some of my many favorite adventures

Week 10: Best adventures while traveling I am going to begin this post but going off-topic. My friend who I've known since my college years inquired about starting a blog. We met in LA and it's funny how we kept in touch after all these years. I moved to San Diego, she moved to Monterey… Continue reading Week 10: Some of my many favorite adventures


Hike 29/52: Evening around our local park

Date: August 4th Neighborhood: Lake Balboa Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Weather: Cool Distance: 1.3 miles (loop) To our dear puppies, Teddy and Koda, It's been a while since we've taken you out on a walk. Last time we were outside you were on the bike stroller and I did the pedaling. I am sorry we have not gone… Continue reading Hike 29/52: Evening around our local park


Weekend Coffee Share: Here’s a Lemoncocco

At my house you will usually find a limited selection of beverages: water, coffee (available in hot and cold), teas (hot and cold), or some citrus beverage because we have an abundant amount of oranges and lemons in my yard. Once in a while, you'll find beer or wine and very seldom you will find… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Here’s a Lemoncocco


Experience Zion

We went to Zion last year during Memorial Day Weekend. No filters nor photoshop jobs are required. These rocks are as red as they appear, the skies are coated with cobalt with cumulous kisses. Have you been to Zion? Nature is something outside our body, but the mind is within us. Bhumibol Adulyadej Weekly Photo… Continue reading Experience Zion


A study in relationships with “Gone Girl”

“There's a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.” I finally got around to reading Gone Girl this year. I know...if you've seen the movie, I am 3 years too late and if you read the book, I am five years too late. Most of the time, I don't read the… Continue reading A study in relationships with “Gone Girl”


Week 9: Gross/disgusting travel stories

Thankfully I do not have the photo of the aftermath of this action but I do have a photo of the mall in Bangkok where it happened. Look Mocha even makes a cameo. If anyone has been to Southeast Asia, you get the advisory everywhere you go to not drink the tap water. Even if… Continue reading Week 9: Gross/disgusting travel stories


Weekend Coffee Share: Instagram

No coffee today. I think today is a good day to have a pineapple cider :-). After thinking this through, I finally got around to making an Instagram for my blog. I had my reasons to not having a separate Instagram account -- I thought my personal account was enough. The truth is, I don't… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Instagram


Land Urchins

When we were in the Amalfi Coast, I found these spiky-looking green ball around the ground. I've never seen them before and I jokingly called them land urchins. Later I learned these were called castagne, or chestnuts. There you go...land urchins :-P. Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture Check out some of these submissions for their interpretation for… Continue reading Land Urchins

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The Real Neat Blogger Award

I've been nominated for another award by Benjamin Lessard for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you so much for the honor! Please come by and check out his blog. He writes far beyond his years. When I was 15, I vaguely wrote about crushes, gossip and a lot about school. A very unhealthy amount… Continue reading The Real Neat Blogger Award


Week 8: Five Favorite Travel Blogs

Week 8: Five Favorite blogs Since it's Travel Tuesday, I'll share some of my favorite travel blogs. Most of them I read for years and they are some of the reasons that contribute to my wander-lust. Wild Junket - I believe I've read and followed Nellie of Wild Junket since I lived in San Diego. If you are… Continue reading Week 8: Five Favorite Travel Blogs


July Breakdown, August Goals

One of my favorite parts of the month is to write about my reflections and goals for the following month. It keeps me accountable. I also love reading other people's goals because it inspires me to do the same. Also I'll be featuring a couple of photos from the beautiful Le Cuvier winery when we… Continue reading July Breakdown, August Goals