First post: Back to Blogging

I use to have a self-hosted site but then with life and work, I wasn’t able to keep up a blog and kept paying for the service I hardly used. I was tired all the time, uninspired to write and share anything on the blog. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was one of those blocks and I pigeon-holed myself to one thing. I was writing about food — dining in LA and making food at home because I saw it on Pinterest — but it took a lot of time. It’s not that I was NOT passionate about food, I wanted to write about things too. I wanted write about places I traveled to, write about the books I read, the Pin-wins and the Pin-fails, share non-food sites, and other lifestyle things a middle-class-married-couple-with-two-dogs like to do.

I thought if I were to write those said things, it would stray away from a food blog. I would need a proper food-post-to-non-food post to keep it a food blog. 

When I stopped paying for my self-hosted service and let go of my small piece of internet real estate, I decided to take a break from having a blog. I wanted to focus and pursue the things I enjoy in life…and I guess I am ready to get back to writing stuff again.

“In the Wild Los Angeles”


  • living or growing in the natural environment
  • uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure
  • very enthusiastic or excited

About me, I’ve lived in Los Angeles most of my life from 5 years old and up. I went to elementary school, middle school, high school, and university in Los Angeles. I had a brief stint in San Diego and came back to Los Angeles. When I tell other people I grew up in Los Angeles, they think I am a unicorn because there are a lot of non-natives in LA. Depending where I am, I do stand out as the only native (**My office is a different story — everyone there lived in LA most or all of their life.**) I guess that qualifies me as “wild”.

Anyways I look forward to sharing my lense of Los Angeles. Things about me:

  • I live in the Valley — not so posh and pretentious like the Westside. Not so cool like living in downtown LA or Silverlake. Not quite a foodie-haven like Koreatown. But it works for us.
  • I am doing the 52 Hike Challenge for 2017 – Stay tuned for reviews of the hikes I’ve done so far. I am already working my way to my 20th hike!
  • I recently am on a Madeleine kick!
  • We’re homeowners of a starter home that needs work but has good bones — so occasionally you’ll hear woes of being a homeowner.

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