Eaton Canyon

Hike 5/52 Eaton Canyon

Date: February 4th

Neighborhood: Altadena

Difficulty: 3

Weather: Sunny, cool

Miles: 4.8 miles20170204_092847_zps6c8mvr1m20170204_090245_zpsczbvin1v

Thanks to the rains in California, there’s actually streams and rivers through the canyons! And there’s lots of green! Winter is a perfect time to start racking up on the hikes for the 52 Hike Challenge!

Eaton Canyon is a popular, very trafficked trail. Thank goodness we arrived early to find parking in the lot and there was no one around. When we finished hiking at around 11 AM, the lot was packed. Note to self: We’ll park in the neighborhood instead. Or in front of my coworker’s house, he lives near by.

The popular hike is to walk along the stream until you get to the water. We did not do that. In fact, because it was our first time and I did not read much about the park, we spent a lot of our time walking around. We saw a trail and walked a little bit here and another trail and walk a little bit there. Maybe next time, we’ll do the entire trail of Henninger Flats. There’s less traffic.



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