5 things

A quick post on 5 things or thoughts at the moment.

1. Overdrive app

I know this app has been around for a while, but it’s amazing. With your local public library card, you have access to e-books and audiobooks for free! For me, audiobooks help me get through my cleaning and other chores throughout my weekends.

2. Paper planner

I’ve been using a paper planning since the beginning of this year. The time before that, was in college to fill out my school schedule, my work schedule, and my social schedule. After college, I thought I didn’t need to purchase a paper planner and forgot about it since.

What made me decide to purchase a paper planner after years of not having it? I was somewhat frustrated with Google calendar. It was great for scheduling appointments, but it didn’t help work towards goal setting or leave room for me to write out my ideas. Also, I felt somewhat burnt out on technology. I work in an office in front of a computer for a large part of my day or I get home and my husband wants me to view a video on YouTube. Times I feel I am on the edge of resentful. I feel a paper planner has helped me disengaged from technology for a short time to allow me to re-engage. It’s my little piece of Walden.


Brewery Art Walk, May 2013

3. Breathing new life in old photos

I thought it was strange to post photos that have absolutely no correlation to my posts. At least they correlate to the seasons. I would never post a winter in Tahoe on a summer post. I have thousands of photos through my phone, Facebook, Google Drive, Photobucket that never quite surfaced. For me, it’s nice to look at and there’s no long-winded story required. Plus it gives me an opportunity to clean out all the bad and terrible photos from my files.

4. Giving yourself an hour before going to work

When I was a fresh young professional out of college, my morning routine was wake up, brush my teeth, put on work clothes, polish up, and walk out the door. Nowadays my morning routine is wake up, make and eat breakfast, make coffee, review my planner, listen to the news, then brush my teeth, put on work clothes, polish up, and walk out the door. Though this new routine requires me to wake up a little earlier, it makes a difference. It makes my day enjoyable.

5. Giving positive affirmations

Sometimes I find me punishing myself for giving myself a pat on the back for progress and effort. It’s easy to think i’s frivolous. Maybe because I am around people hearing negative thoughts like “you did not get there” — well…I did not get there yet. When I get there, I know I’ll kick ass several times over.

I do notice when someone says something negative or turns you down, I feel they’re attempting to ooze power to you. Make sure they fail at this attempt. When I do hear the negative criticism, I look right into the root of the issue which leads to the root of the person: they’re insecure. They’re standing in your way and you’re letting them. You can find affirmations by reading inspiring blogs or quotes, or even better, create your own affirmations. You can create your own affirmations by utilizing your talents, your skills, pursue things that make you happy, be around people who make you happy, give compliments, recognize your accomplish, recognize your efforts, the list goes on. There’s a lots of ways to create your own affirmations.


Brewery Art Walk May 2013


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