Huntington Library

Five Things

A quick post on 5 things or thoughts at the moment. 

1. Home Decor

I felt like I was in SIMS when I made these little. In SIMs, when you purchase a nice decorative item for SIM character, it boosts their mood. I felt the same way too.

2. When Macron won the French Election

Watching him give his speech gave me hope liberté, égalité, fraternité has been restored during these tumultuous times. It’s a start, I hope.

3. Clearing out the weeds

Again, my inner SIMs mood meter boosted as the yard is clearing from weeds.

Huntington Library

Huntington Library, year not sure

4. Peet’s Coffee

I did my first one-day business trip flying in and out from Burbank to San Jose. When I’ve done long distance business trips I’d be there for a couple days at a time for a conference, not couple of hours for a meeting or a project. I was dreading it until I saw Peet’s and ordered a large house coffee at the Burbank airport to start my day. Starting your day with a good cup of coffee makes a difference.

5. “Queen of Athleisure Wear”

The owner of the barre studio I go to tells me I’m the “Queen of Athleisure Wear”. I was flattered to hear that compliment. It certainly made my week. The truth is, I don’t wear yoga pants and tanks 24/7. I only wear them when I work out. For other things such as work (of course), meeting friends, or even running errands I wear regular clothes. Wearing stretchy yoga pants is forgiving if you’re pigging out on shakes and In-N-Out burgers. For me, I need my regular clothes to be the barometer.

Any opinion of products listed here are authentically my own.


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