Runyon Canyon dogs

Hike 12/52 Runyon Canyon

Date: March 11th

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Distance: 1.94 miles

Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Weather: Sunny

Trailhead address: 2001 North Fuller Ave.; Los Angeles, CA 90046 (More details at the park website)

I would say my only favorite thing about Runyon Canyon was the dog drinking fountain. 

Runyon Canyon is my least favorite trail to date in the City Slicker Challenge and the 52 Hike Challenge. It was my first time there and I simply don’t get the hype. I found it incredibly underwhelming. A few months back, my friend from the Bay Area came down to visit and she went hiking at Runyon Canyon during her stay (I was at work) because it’s the must-go hiking spot in LA.
Looking for parking in Runyon was awful. I was not sure if I parked in the appropriate spot after driving back and forth in the neighborhood a couple times. Also, I was somewhat turned off by the Hollywood tour buses driving through Fuller Ave. You probably won’t find me back here. If I were to give my out-of-town friends and family a hiking themed tour of Los Angeles, I would take them to Fryman Canyon (Studio City) or Stough Canyon (Burbank).


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