Hike 13/52: To the Wisdom Tree, Cahuenga Peak, Mt. Lee, and the Hollywood Sign

Warning: This is a picture heavy post!

Date: March 18th

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Distance: 4.67 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Weather: Sunny

Trailhead address: 3052 Lake Hollywood Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068

I enjoy the flowers and the view of Lake Hollywood. I know I’ve posted a lot of flowers in my hikes but I want to enjoy them. I enjoyed the rain (after how many years without rain?) we’ve received in LA for the past few weeks bringing us green hills and flowers.

View of Universal Studios/Studio City


Wisdom Tree/Tree of Life. This is a good halfway point for a break before getting up to the Hollywood Sign. It was a a hot day for this hike and there’s not a lot of shade.20170318_131202_zpsd20lr33g

Across from the Wisdom tree are…a stack of rocks.


Compared to other hikes I’ve done prior to this one, the path is a bit more rugged. This is certainly no smooth fire road like Claremont Wilderness Park.


Koda and Teddy are taking a shade break.


We arrived to the Hollywood Sign. It looks like Lake Hollywood has more water than usual. The last time I was at Lake Hollywood was probably 9 years ago and I don’t remember it looking like a lake.


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