Mandeville Trail yellow flowers

Hike 17/52 Mandeville Canyon Trail

Date: March 25th

Neighborhood: Brentwood

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Weather: Cool and cloudy

Distance: 7.0 miles (out and back)

Address: 2652 Westridge Rd Los Angeles, CA 90049

When I first arrived to the trailhead, I thought this neighborhood looks familiar. When I was on the trail, it became even more familiar with the two options to either take the fire road or the road with all the hills — you’ll finish at the same place. I’ve been on this trail a couple years back with friends and we never got to the end with the nike missile towers. I remembered it was a unusually hot day in January and we gave up halfway.

This time, I am happy to say I finished this trail. I confess I chose the fire road because I still felt out of shape to climb up and down those hills. The weather was gorgeous and they allow dogs to go on the trail off-leash. Next time, I will certainly come back.

Mandeville Trail yellow flowers

Enjoy the flowers while they last… As I am post this, it’s May 21st 9:36 pm (21:36) and it’s 77 degrees. I’m going to say the flowers I enjoyed in the early spring and winter are now gone.

Mandeville Trail

I love this picture because I want to live in that house on the hill overlooking the hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and the ocean.


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