Hike 20/52 Stough Canyon

Stough Canyon

Abandoned children’s camp at the top of Stough Canyon

Date: April 10th

Neighborhood: Burbank

Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Weather: Sunny, warm

Distance: 1.82 miles (out and back)

Address: 2300 E Walnut Ave, Burbank, CA 91504

Stough Canyon

This was a quick hike to get to the abandoned children’s camp. There are a lot of opportunities to extend the hike for more miles even as much as 11 miles I recall from one of the signs. Maybe another I’ll do that hike on another day.

This was the second to last hike to complete the City Slicker Challenge. I felt as I am about to reach the finish line a burnout. I felt all through March I was running, running, running to complete this challenge rather than being present and enjoying my surroundings.

In retrospect, I should have stretched out my hiking list over the 2 months period rather than completing as many hikes as I can in as little time possible. Now, I’m crawling. Well it’s a lesson learned for my future challenges and…life of course. I feel in life, myself (and a lot of people) just run to the next destination because we believe it would make us feel happier, more satisfied. You believe if you get there faster, you become happier faster. Then once you get there, you’re happy for that moment and then that happiness goes away and you once again believe getting to that next destination would give you the same happiness before. Sometimes it does it gives the same happiness, sometimes it doesn’t and you continue to chase happiness still finding it is never enough. It’s a vicious cycle.

Though I am tempted hike another trail, I told myself “don’t hike another trail until I write a post for all 21 hikes.” People around me are telling me I got to catch up to 52 hikes before the end of the 2017, so I better go, go, go! I’m not worried, I learned I should tune that out. People forget I completed 21 trails in less than 16 weeks. I think I deserve spending a large part of May reflecting and relaunching this blog.

Stough CanyonStough Canyon


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