Hike 21/52 Vital Link Trail

Vital Link Trail

Date: April 23rd

Neighborhood: Burbank

Difficulty: 3 out of 5 (it’s that incline!)

Weather: Sunny, hot

Distance: 4.13 miles (out and back)

Address: 1701 Wildwood Canyon Dr Burbank, CA 91501

Vital Link TrailVital Link Trail

First of all, the views from Stough Canyon are beautiful!

And second of all, I would like credit my Pure Barre classes for handling that incline. I kept hearing how much that incline to get to that chair would kick your ass!

Also having that chair on the trail is genius. You get to enjoy the views and rest before either continuing on the trail or go back down.

Vital Link Trail

Completing this trail is the end of my City Slicker Challenge and I was one of the first 60 girls to finish and qualified for the raffle, but I did not win the grand prize as I prefaced in the beginning.

These are all the trails I’ve hiked this year. Since I’ve journaled them all, I can go hiking again. I’ll be better at keeping this blog updated. Plus, I’ll be better at spreading these hikes out to avoid feeling like I am in a rut.



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