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June Goals, May Reflections

Greetings, I just came back from my trip from the Oregon and Washington. It was a lot of fun to just get away from LA. It’s now June so that means it’s time to share some goals

But first let’s recap goals from May.

1. Start the Pergola Project — In Progress. 

There are quite a bit steps involved with making a pergola for our backyard, but at least removing weeds is a step. The next step is to remove the concrete buried underneath the dirt — this is why it’s been close to impossible to grow anything during the first year of having a home. That’s going over to the June goals.

2. Hike 3 times — Did Not Do

I only hiked once in May and that was during our Portland trip when we biked around the city for the day. Pictures are coming soon.

3. Clean my closet and drawers – Done!

4. Remove the weeds in my backyard – In progress

Keep in mind, I only removed the weed’s in the area where the Pergola would be. I’ve got more to go.

5. Donate books — Done!

I donated The Nest and A Gentlemen in Moscow at a Little Free Library. I’ve got a few more books to donate.

6. Post all 21 hiking trips from my 52 Hike Challenge – done

You can find them all here under this tag.

blue flowers

Other things I’ve accomplished in May:

1. Had a strong first month on this blog. I’ve had blogs before, but I feel this time I’ve been more active not just in my writing but the way I write and post. I’m not trying to aim for the optimal posting schedule. I write about the things I like and I am active by engaging with other bloggers and I find joy doing it.

2. Added a few more decorative touches to the living room and dining room

3. Finished these books:

Eligible: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfield
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
Beirut — An Explosive Thriller by Alexander McNabb

Reviewing my June goals, I need scale back on my reading pile.

4. Writing this post on not doubting myself, to not let that moment get to me, to define me. I told my supervisor I was not looking to change that — this “accent comment” was nit-picky and offensive. We are a country of immigrants after all, and the demographics here are changing. Also, what helped was sharing this story to as many people as possible through talking and of course, writing. I created a positive and sarcastic spin to this; I’ve gone around saying things like, “I talked to tech support and we solved the problem. The craziest part was that I used my real accent! I had no idea that could be accomplished — did you?”

This is my way of making peace, ironically, it makes me feel good and it’s something really beyond myself, it’s empowering. I’ve encountered a lot of people who were born in America to immigrant parents and are continued to be seen as perpetual foreigners to this day despite acclimating to American culture, going to American universities, contributing to American society, working good jobs for good companies, speaking English — it’s ridiculous. That jeer (and future jeer like that) is not about me being a jerk, it’s that reminder I have to push that things are changing whether a certain orange troll is ruling the country or not.

5. Got to our reach savings goal. This took a while but it feels so good to get there. Now on to the next savings milestone

6. Purchased an irrigation system for my container plants – After trial and error of having a backyard, I invested in some low-cost irrigation system. So far, it seems effective. I’ll keep you posted. So far my plants survived my week away. Now I need an irrigation system for the trees.


Looks like snow resting on the branches.

Now on the to the June Goals:

1. Complete 250 barre classes 

2. Instead of driving to short distance places, walk or bike there

After our Portland trip this past week and the declaration for the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, my form of resistance is to create my own Paris Agreement from home. I would like to make a habit to bike within a 5 mile radius — that’s about a 20-30 minute ride according to Google Maps. That 5-mile goal is a real stretch because the places I like to go for groceries (i.e. Trader Joe’s) are a little more than 5 miles. Also I need to buy a rack to carry those groceries….or another alternative to biking for groceries is using the Instacart app. I am so glad they are now delivering to my neighborhood! That’s still just one less car on the road.

3. Complete a craft project 

I have a couple of craft projects that are have been in progress for a while. I need to finish one of them.

4. Get a new mattress

My husband and I have been sleeping on a full size mattress for as long as we have been together and now we have two dogs that share the bed with us.

5. Finish my FAFSA and graduate school application

This will be my first priority. Yes, another goal that’s requires me to sit on my ass.

6. Hike 4 times this month

It’s likely these hikes will either be on bike or will be really short this month.

7. Complete Phase II of the Pergola project – Get rid of the concrete buried in the yard

Hint: Renting a jack hammer for the day is required.


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