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Hike 22/52 Biking Portland

Date: May 30th
Neighborhood: All over Portland
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Weather: Misty
Distance: About 12 miles


For a few dollars, you can rent a bike for a day to explore Portland. You can bike a few miles to get to the next neighborhood, drop it off at the nearest bike share pod, borrow again when you choose, and repeat.

I learned Portland is a fairly small city compared to Los Angeles — in fact smaller than San Fernando Valley. Portland has 145 square miles, Los Angeles has 503 square miles, and San Fernando Valley has 260 square miles — wow it takes up more than half of Los Angeles! Due to Portland’s fairly smaller size, its sights were more compact which makes it definitely more bikeable.

Also, it made me think I should bike a little bit more at home. If it’s within a 5 mile radius, I should bike there. I’ll let you know how that experiment goes.

Anyways on to biking…

We started our day biking to Blue Star donuts for breakfast.


Strolling along the Mississippi District. I thought the name “Failing St” was funny.

We crossed the bridge and walked along Waterfront Park. You see how cloudy it was that day?

Then we stopped and spent a couple hours at the Powell Bookstore.

From Powell Bookstore, we biked to Washington Park and stopped by the Japanese Garden. Stay tuned for a post with a bunch of photos from the Japanese garden — its beautiful! Lesson learned: the bikes we rented are NOT recommended to bike to Washington Park because they’re basically beach cruisers, not mountain bikes. It was too heavy to pedal up up the hill.

Overall, renting a bike  to explore Portland is fun way to see the city. A few cons to share though, you may end up with a broken bike and you won’t find out until you start pedaling. That happened to my husband, the bike he got did not get to gear. We had to find another bike share station so he can switch. Another con was the buttons were hard to press when signing in to get a bike. It may require a little bit of muscle.


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