5 things

A quick post on 5 thoughts at the moment. I see this post as opportunity to reflect on the week. I try to make this post a regular on a Friday or Saturday — it depends how tired I am.

The Victorian at Santa Monica

  1. I love Jessica Chastain’s call to action to see more authentic female characters on film. What made her call so powerful was you can hear the slight fear in her voice as speaks up thinking to herself “is it ok for me to say this” and carefully crafting her words — something I encounter all the time at work and at life.
  2. Using my TAP card to take public transit to work or to other places. Ever since I got back from vacation, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to use my car less. Portland and Seattle don’t have perfect public transit either. It took a little bit of research how to get around and the same applies to Los Angeles. So far this week, I have been car free 4 times. I’ll share more details in another post which will include mileage and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. This leads me to the next thing:  Greenhouse emissions fall for another year in California. It’s equivalent to removing 300,000 cars from the road. Way to go! 
  4. The Comey Trial on Thursday was exciting to watch (see full transcript here). It started at 7 AM in California; I watched via Facebook Live on my phone and took my time listening to it on my way to work. Man, no wonder why employers canceled their meetings and broke out the popcorn in the employee lounge. Though this is CSPAN’s Superbowl show, it left a lot of questions unanswered and will be answered in the closed session. It was like we got the clean version of a rap song. Closed session version to reveal all the answers.
  5. Not having to look at a computer screen of every minute of every hour at work. My job is typically sedentary because it’s an office setting. I need to make an effort to stay away from my desk every once in a while.  Maybe I should step away after every meeting or conference call or when the little voice in my head tells me to do so. I am trying to fight burn out and promote wellbeing every step of the way. I am also coaching my husband to do the same. For examples, yesterday I went to the Bay Area for a business trip for the day. I’m glad my husband works around the corner from the airport so he can pick me up when I land when I come home from these trips. Well, my husband started work at 7 AM and I didn’t expect him to stick around work to pick me up at 7 PM when I landed. In fact,  I recommended him to just do his 8 hours for the day, drive home, take care of the puppies, rest, and come back when I land in the airport. Yes, it’s a little bit of back-and-forth driving albeit our house is not very far from the airport, but I felt it was more important for my husband to get some rest rather than stay until I land. Because who know… what if my plane lands late? Also, I can always find ways to go home whether it is by Lyft, bus, or train.

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