Focus on Me

We bought new lenses for our camera to replace our broken lenses. In preparation to take photos from a real camera for our next adventure, I need to practice and experiment with manual focus and manual zoom. Naturally the modeling jobs go to my dogs, Teddy and Koda. But for this post, let’s place our focus on Teddy.

Meet Teddy, our 2-year old miniature schnauzer. He knows (and acts) like he’s the star of our lives; if he meets you, he would like to be the star in your life too. For me, both my puppies and my husband are the stars in my life.


Teddy enjoys being the first one to say “hello” when you come home. In the background is Koda, our pomeranian. Compared to Teddy, Koda’s personality is more diminutive. Koda, as the younger brother, loves to tag along with Teddy. Funny thing is though Koda is more shy, he gets more attention. I think because Koda looks like a fox and people find it charming.  Sometimes Teddy gets a little jealous.


Teddy also likes to look at what kind of human food are you eating whether it’s chicken, yogurt, or spinach. Look at those eyes…”can I have some?”

Teddy recognizes that special day that falls in the middle of the month called Barkbox day. It’s so special to Teddy, I won’t let him open the box until my husband comes home to watch his joy of getting new toys and treats. Teddy looks determined to climb the table to get his special box.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus


9 thoughts on “Focus on Me”

  1. Both Teddy and Koda look sooo cute! I hope they get along – their opposite personalities sound like they compliment each other and hope Teddy doesn’t get too jealous of Koda getting more attention. Hope the latest Barkbox has loads of treats for them and they share the treats between them 🙂 Enjoy the new camera lens 🙂

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