#WeekendCoffeeShare: Hi there, I’m new


I thought Weekend Coffee Share is a neat series to try, it’s similar to my “5 things” Series using this post as an opportunity to share unrelated, random things from during the week but it’s a part of a much bigger community. Other than that, it has my two other favorite things: weekend and coffee.

For coffee, I am currently making myself a Cold Brew using Trader Joe’s Cold Brew concentrate, a hint of Trader Joe’s Coffee Syrup, and ice. It’s been a hot weekend. On Saturday, in the morning I ran errands and went to barre. For the majority of the day, I stayed at home did chores, rested, tried to complete my CV, and I did not garden because it was too hot. Also, I must mention that our house does not have central AC. At around 8 PM, we went out to walk around the neighborhood — there was still light and  the weather was much cooler.

Away from talking about the weather, here are some highlights from during the week:

Grad School Application status. Still working on it. I about 70% there. Last Sunday, I turned in my Statement of Purpose and I am almost done with my CV.

Coming Soon: Toastmasters Coming to This Part of the Neighborhood. I am part of my neighborhood Toastmasters and I would say it’s the only neighborhood (hyperlocal) thing I am involved in. We needed to find a new venue for our meeting because our current venue was no longer going to support us. I am glad my event planning skills, community outreach, and strategic partnerships are paying off because I was able find a new and better venue. This venue I found is in a central location where there are a lot of professionals in the area. I hope this new venue would attract more members and these members can find opportunities for professional development at such a convenient location.

Draw my day out. It’s been busy for me at work and personal life no matter what week or month it is. I feel I am being pulled on all these different directions. To help, I have been doodling my day in pie charts divided in 24 slices to represent 24 hours in a day from 0 hr to 24 hr. I don’t do this everyday — just when I have the chance. On June 14th (Wednesday), I spent a lot of my time driving. That morning, I spent 3.5 hours driving from my home to Anaheim and back for a site visit. On June 12th (Monday), I was in the office all day and 3 hours of my 8 hours went to a status meeting — it was the same meeting. It was broken into two parts because I had to end it after 2 hours because I had to head down for a quick equipment test which worked and it was lunchtime and regrouped for this meeting after lunch. Really? After a 2-hour (scheduled for 1-hour) meeting it had to continue after lunch? I can’t believe this status meeting use to be weekly. I am all for accountability, but at this point this felt like a stamina test. Gladly, I’ve run half marathons and biked long distance to handle long meetings but really, it’s taking away time from actual work.

Funny thing, a few days back, I talked to my colleague why pie charts were not an appropriate way to present her data. Pie charts are prettier but for her data, she’s not presenting a percentage of something.


Going car-free. I’ve been taking the bus (or carpooled) to work for the past couple week. I feel happier, more lifted because I take public transit. I think it’s because I get to be outside, I get to walk (and hit my step goal), and I’m not the one driving in traffic. But I did take a plane to San Jose on Thursday last week for a day trip for work and I drove about 80 miles total from my home to Anaheim and back on Wednesday.

Total miles of not driving: 147.6 (since June 3rd)

Barre Star. I hit 250 Pure Barre classes on June 15th! 50 more to go until 300 classes. I am determined to get to 300 before 30 on September 2nd.


Also in other news, Pure Barre has helped me return back my pre-vacation body fast. I ate so bad in our last vacation at Portland and Seattle. After 10 classes in 2 weeks (plus eating cleaner), I’m back in shape.

End of an era.  Cue Simple Minds song “Don’t You.” On Friday, I went to Westwood to visit my friend since college to pick up furniture from his place, then we went to dinner and met up with more friends from college. He’s moving to the East Coast for graduate school. What made this reunion extra special was that almost all of us no longer lived in Westwood. Some of us, like myself and two other friends, live in another part of Los Angeles. One of us moved back to the Bay Area in the last six months, and one of us moved across the Pacific and lived in Taiwan for the last 5 years. It was a wonderful reunion and it’s crazy how the stars aligned for that day. Westwood is still crowded and even more crowded that Friday because it was graduation day. Seeing the student dressed up in their cap and gowns walking to UCLA for commencement reminded me it was the end of their era too. What happens next? My heart strings are pulling as I am writing this snippet.

What’s up for the coming week?

Today is Father’s Day. I am going to my parent’s house bringing lechon and other Filipino food for lunch. I don’t make it because it is resource intensive, it’s cheaper if I pick up at a restaurant.

Staying cool, the weather in LA will peak to 98 degrees on Wednesday.

My college friend’s final send-off will happen this Saturday with dinner and karaoke. Also on the same Saturday, will be my sister’s birthday which will happen earlier during lunch time.

My goal for today is to finish my CV for grad school. Once I am done, now I’ll be 90% complete and I will need to send my transcripts to my program to finally finish ths application packet.

Interested in participating in the Weekend Coffee Share yourself? Come on over to Nerd in the Brain for more details! Check out the link party page or this wordpress tag for inspiration.


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