In the Bay Area…for less than 12 hours…


Some weeks I would go to the Bay Area from Burbank one day a week because of a few projects I’m working on. I probably would not call myself a transient worker compared to other people. A large part of my work week is in my office in Los Angeles — it’s just as of lately I am taking these day trips between the Bay Area and back. I’ve had a lot of conversations with Lyft drivers about the transient workers who spend their work days in the Bay Area and return back home on the weekends whether it’s Los Angeles, Burbank, Orange County, Las Vegas… We have a handful of transient workers in my job too. Their homes are in San Francisco or San Jose, but they spend the weekday in Los Angeles. I am not a true transient worker.

People find allure when they learn travelling is part of my job. They thought I must eat really well when I travel. They imagine I would stop by some restaurant and have 2 hour lunches. That is far from the truth. I eat either at the work site or at the airport. I don’t have time wandering off finding Yelp’s restaurant.

I find my favorite part of travelling for work is arriving to the airport early enough to rewind: sit down, grab a snack (usually a latte or a frozen yogurt), and read a book.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient


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