Weekend Coffee Share: Enjoy the long weekend!

If we were having coffee it would be at our friend’s lake house in Paso Robles serving regular drip coffee.

I hope the drive to this lake house wasn’t too difficult because the last five miles were all dirt roads.

Lake Nacimiento at Paso Robles

It’s nice to be in the  countryside for a few days. My grad school application was due on June 30th, but gladly I finished it about 10 days before. It made a difference in my work and life load! I was determined to finished it before the deadline and before going on vacation.

I won’t write too much for this week. We’ll be in Paso Robles until Monday morning and take a roadtrip along the Central Coast. We would like to hit up San Luis Obispo, Solvang, an Ostrich Farm, and possibly Santa Barbara and Calabasas. I’d like to make this trip back home to explore the Central Coast cities. I occasionally do work in Santa Barbara for sure visits, but I don’t really explore while I am there for work.

Roadtrip to Paso Robles

For the rest of the week, I have work off and come back Thursday. I will certainly enjoy this holiday week! Happy 4th everyone!

Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

Interested in participating in the Weekend Coffee Share yourself? Come on over to Nerd in the Brain for more details! Check out the link party page or this wordpress tag for inspiration.


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