My Favorite Things About Summer

Sometimes I like to draw instead of write listicles of everything.

sketch summer favorite things

What are your favorite things about summer?

The part about hunting for AC is no joke. Because our house has no central AC, it gives me an excuse to go out whether it’s the mall, barre, grocery store, or ice cream parlor — it’s cooler to spend an afternoon there than home. Especially when it’s 95+ degrees!

I do like longer days because at least when it’s too hot to walk my dogs or garden in the afternoon, I can still wait until 8 PM and still enjoy being outside.


12 thoughts on “My Favorite Things About Summer”

      1. Depending on where but in Vancouver it only gets up to 26,7 Celsius. But to me it’s still hot haha


      2. What?? Only 26.7 C? Last weekend it was 41.6 C in Los Angeles. In my part of LA the generator blew out causing a black out. Gladly I was not at the mall nor in the area when that happened.


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