Wedding Vintage Rose OC

A Saturday Brunch Wedding at the Vintage Rose

My friend’s wedding on Saturday was a lot of fun probably the most fun wedding I’ve been to in a while. I’ve been invited to weddings in the past, but I would have to say this wedding was the most meaningful. The bride was a friend I knew since high school, the groom was a former coworker. We had a mutual friend, a friend the bride and I knew since college, who set them up and the rest was history. This friend was also a former coworker of the groom. It was a sweet wedding and I enjoyed every moment.

How did the madeleine bake-a-thon go? It was a brunch wedding which meant it started early. I made the madeleines for the dessert table which meant I had to arrive the venue earlier. They came out nice but I wished my melted white chocolate came out smoother. The pink color indicated the madeleines were rosewater flavored, the chocolate dipped were vanilla, and the white chocolate dipped were orange blossom. After the wedding, I was only able to retrieve rosewater madeleine plate. I eventually found the two other serving plates via text message from the groom and the plates were clean.

Wedding guest look. I got my dress and necklace from Rent the Runway. The dress is  ELLIATT and the necklace is Kenneth Jay Lane. I had to make a few adjustments to the dress using safety pins. Overall, I really like my outfit. I’ve been using Rent the Runway for quite some time. It started when I was first engaged. To curb the cost of buying special outfits I would only wear once during my engagement (i.e. bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner), I rented. After the wedding, I still rent dresses from time to time for events like weddings, bachelorette parties, and fancy birthday parties. I don’t have time to go to a store and I don’t like to commit my wallet (and my closet space) to buying an outfit I’d wear once.

The wedding itself took place at the Vintage Rose in Orange in Orange County. It’s cute! It’s like I walked in a movie set or a tea house. Thank you so much for providing not just a beautiful venue, but for being so accomdating and providing great service to the bride, groom, and the guests!


…and here are guest photos.

20170722_110206_zpstkwatohmWedding Vintage Rose OCWedding Vintage Rose OCWedding Vintage Rose OC

Some photo booth pictures!

After the wedding, we went to 4th Street Market in Santa Ana and ate pretty much everything. This is why I need to go on a Whole 15 (not Whole 30) challenge.


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    1. Well there have been weddings we’ve been invited to but we were several degrees apart from the bride and groom. For this wedding however, these were close friends and it made the event so maningful!

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