July Breakdown, August Goals

One of my favorite parts of the month is to write about my reflections and goals for the following month. It keeps me accountable. I also love reading other people’s goals because it inspires me to do the same. Also I’ll be featuring a couple of photos from the beautiful Le Cuvier winery when we went to Paso Robles earlier this month. Other than the views and cute details, Le Cuvier wines take the top 5 spot on my list.


View from Le Cuvier Winery

July Goals in review:

  1. Complete Phase III of the Pergola project — move and reuse the concrete to provide drainage to our pavers. Incomplete.
  2. Complete a craft project. Completed. I made this beautiful cookie box for my friend’s wedding last week. But I don’t have a picture. I was baking, baking, baking all week for the wedding and I finally went around to making the cookie box on Friday night and went to bed. On the morning of the wedding I dropped off the madeleine dishes and the cookie box to the venue manager and I did not see that box again.
  3. Organize my “Current Reads” page – Complete. I look forward to starting bi-monthly series on books I’ve read. I am still figuring out the format of my reviews though.
  4. Work on the guest room Complete. It came in handy last week when my in-laws were spontaneously in town. This guest room is nothing fancy. It’s just a bed for now and it is taking occupancy at our now spare room.

Other things accomplished in July:

  1. I created a Facebook page for this blog! I’ve been debating whether or not to create a Facebook page. Please bear with me, I am still figuring how to work this out. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, please let me know. I’ll like it too!
  2. Spent an afternoon at the spa. We went to a Korean spa in Koreatown and it was my husband’s first time there. We had these long-expired Groupons we redeemed. Why did we decided to finally go? This past month felt like a marathon — and gladly we both have that marathon mind-set…but that does not mean we deserve to rest and restore once in a while. From our trip to Paso Robles, we did not feel rejuvenated like we’ve done in previous getaways. Maybe it was the sun, the heat, the alcohol. Maybe this is what happens when you go on vacation and you constantly talk about work. Not quite the perfect getaway. This local spa trip was definitely what we needed even if it means lounging around the saunas. Here are the benefits of going to a Korean spa it’s relatively cheaper than going to other spas.
  3. Added lights to our back patio — this is a wonderful addition to having more outdoor get-togethers.
  4. Clearing out the weeds and dead plants in the front yard – Though we did not finish phase III of the Pergola project, we’ve been clearing out the front yard. Those weeds have been an ongoing battle since we’ve bought the house. Another factor to why these weeds keep coming back is we did not have a vision for our front yard. With no plan that means weeds keep winning the battle. The weeds are cleared out in the flower bed in the driveway for now. My husband has an idea but it requires phases, time, materials, and of course, money. I am in support of it, but I would rather at least put a weed barrier, soil, and flowers in the mean time.


Le Cuvier winery

My top posts for July:

Books read in July:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place – The Art of Being Messy by Jennifer McCartney

Wow, I read more than I expected this month! These were on my stacks for a while. I am glad I am working these through.


Le Cuvier winery

August goals:

  1. Get an indoor plant. I’ve been meaning to do this home project for a while now to help freshen up the house.
  2. Complete Phase III of the Pergola project — move and reuse the concrete to provide drainage to our pavers. I confess, it is a drag when it lags.
  3. Complete 300 classes at Pure Barre – This is really pushing it. I am trying to do 300 classes before I turn 30 on September 2nd. But I will be out-of-town starting September 1st. As of 7/31, I am at 278 classes.
  4. Create a flower bed – Continuing on from July’s project of clearing out the weeds in the flower bed, I would like to at least start something rather than wait until we have the funds to pursue a more time and resource-intensive project. We just need a weed barrier, soil, and of course plants. There is a possibility we could change the edging material.

July has been fun but busy. Last week, I was running. I had conversations, I heard things but it went out the other ear. In August, I vow to explore more self-care and I anticipate it will be an ongoing thing. I am not sure what self-care would mean for me. Would it mean do less multi-tasking, say “no” more often, sleep more, hike more despite the ridiculously hot weather, go to a Korean spa more frequently? I’m not sure…there’s so many choices.


4 thoughts on “July Breakdown, August Goals”

    1. I try to be organized(haha). I’ve got my fair share of messy desks at my office and at my house. I like to share my goals because it keeps me accountable.


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