Weekend Coffee Share: Instagram


No coffee today. I think today is a good day to have a pineapple cider :-).

After thinking this through, I finally got around to making an Instagram for my blog. I had my reasons to not having a separate Instagram account — I thought my personal account was enough. The truth is, I don’t really update my personal account and I felt my personal account should be for covering the candid things in my life and I want to continue to keep it less curated. My blog account should be more like an extension of the blog and promote my posts. I felt incorporating my blog content to my personal account would be awkward disruptive to my feed.

I have some friends who post on Instagram of pictures of their family, kids, dinner with friends, selfies with their make-up for the day, outings, and the next thing you know they post photos about their upcoming sale, inspiring quotes about living and breathing organic food, and reposts. The change in posting behavior can confuse your personal brand. If you need to sell your organic oils and reach your followers via Instagram, then make a brand new, separate account instead.

There you have it, if you want an extension of this blog, check out @inthewildla. If you want to get to know me and follow me in real-time, then check out @itsjuliebear.

Do you keep separate social media accounts for your blog? If so (or not), then why.


Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Instagram”

  1. I had never even heard of Instagram till I started blogging (!)so my account is only really about my blog & London adventures rather than to do with my family or personal life but Insta is definitely my favourite of all the various social media channels now.


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