Weekend Coffee Share: Here’s a Lemoncocco

At my house you will usually find a limited selection of beverages: water, coffee (available in hot and cold), teas (hot and cold), or some citrus beverage because we have an abundant amount of oranges and lemons in my yard. Once in a while, you’ll find beer or wine and very seldom you will find carbonated beverages or other specialty drinks.


If we were having coffee, I would also offer a Lemoncocco and DRY sparkling soda. I picked these up yesterday when I was wandering through Gelson’s searching for an indoor plant for our house. I never had Lemoncocco before today and this Italian beverage is not overly sweet. Don’t be surprise if this will end up being a regular in my house. My favorite soft drink is DRY sparkling but I don’t find it in a lot of markets. I guess that is good thing. It’s not sweet and I love the unusual flavors it comes in like lavender, rhubarb, and watermelon.

What else is up?

New face. Yes, this blog has a new layout as of yesterday. I like it a lot. I hope I stick to this one for a while.

Let it go. As of lately, I have been decluttering according to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (and here’s a summary)Ever since we moved into our house two years ago, we have not unpacked every box. But it did not stop by from buying things for our house too. Also, we had a housemate who occupied our spare room for almost two years. When she moved out, she left a lot of her stuff at our house which created more clutter. And we have stuff from the previous owners. I decided to put Marie Kondo’s tips into execution. When I see something, I ask myself, “does it bring meaning, does it bring joy?” If not, I’ll either I trash it or send it to donations.

It’s certainly a more aggressive way to declutter but I feel so much better. My husband likes to hold on to things even way after it serves its use on the otherhand. Today for examples, my husband wanted to get rid of our pub table and replace it with more shelves for our pantry. I am all for it, but I was not for relocating the pub table into the laundry room. Besides where would the two chairs go? I told him the pub table will not have any purpose in the laundry room. Sure there is room for the pub table, but wouldn’t a drying rack make more sense? Also wouldn’t the pub table be sad? The pub table spent its first several years as the main dining table to serve me and then my boyfriend-now-husband. It spent its years in the kitchen/dining room as the center of the home. It’s still being used to hold cookbooks and meal prep and eat breakfast, but now we have a regular dining table in the dining room. The pub table would be sad staying in the laundry room with no purpose other than to hold junk.

This pub table was purchased 10 years ago and I got it from IKEA for less than 90 dollars. That being said, I would not be sad if this were to go to the donation bin. Thank you for your years of service pub table and chairs for giving us a comfortable place to eat, otherwise we’d be eating around the coffee table sitting on the floor.

What’s up for this week?

For the blog, stay tuned for a few photos from my recent hikes. I even have one taken with a 360-camera. I’ll see if I can post that. Also, my first guest post spot!

For life, I have PTO this Friday. It’s been an unusually busy summer for me work-wise. According to my calendar, it should be fairly calm this week. I hope.

Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

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