Weekly Coffee Share: Joy List

If we were having coffee, we’d discuss what are things in life that bring you joy.

Why is it important to recognize things in life that meaningful and bring you joy?

Because sometimes we get caught up in the noise and business of life. Sometimes we forget to think of some of the things in our life that center us.

I am guilty of it myself. I’ve had days where I feel I come off as extremely disengaged. A few days ago, a coworker (at one of our more distant communities) told me he could see in my eyes I have a million things in my mind and I am hearing him, but not listening to him. This is all too true. I apologized to him over and over again. I was four hours in heavy traffic away from my house and I have to haul myself four hours in that same heavy traffic to get back home.

I wrote a list of things in my life that make me happy. In honor of my 30th birthday, I listed 30 things that bring me joy but I wanted to divide it into two parts: 15 things would go to things that are free and the other 15 are things that cost money. With the meaningful things that cost money, sometimes I feel guilty for spending the money and I tell myself to compromise with something that is cheaper or free only to find myself not meeting the expectation.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash

Free things that bring me joy:

  1. Walking during my lunch break when I am at the office – Overall, it’s just healthier for you to break away from your desk for a little bit. Even if it’s 10 minutes to get fresh air. I think we should make it against office rules to not have lunch in your desk.
  2. Hiking – Ever since I started the 52 Hike Challenge, I have gained more than fitness benefits but also prioritizing what is important, what is meaningful.
  3. Writing – Writing on my agenda is relaxing. Of course I enjoy blogging too. It’s been a wonderful, supportive community.
  4. Making food and drinks – This is considered “free” because I am not dining out.
  5. Riding my bike – I can’t wait until the weather cools so I can ride my bike more often.Pacific Palisades
  6. Seasonal events with friends – We the Christmas party, Friendsgiving, and Friendscamping
  7. Bullet journal to journal my creativity
  8. Photography – I need to put a side note that photography can also be expensive if you make it to be.
  9. Volunteering
  10. Taking care of my plants
  11. Listening to audiobooks while doing chores
  12. Free musuem days – In LA we have free musuem days occasionally. It a great opportunity to discover musuems I have not been.
  13. Greeted by my husband and dogs when I  come home – Seeing them literally melts my day away.
  14. Reading books – I dwell in my waiting times by reading books and I love it.
  15. Meditate even if it’s 5 minutes.

Things that require money:

  1. Barre class – I’ve been doing Pure Barre for about a year and a half. I’ve tried other fitness boutiques, big box gyms but my heart goes to Pure Barre. This was after years of wresting with myself (and my wallet) to do an unlimited membership and I dived in. I go about 4-6 times a week and I would not have it any other way.
  2. Spin class – I love this spin class boutiqe and I’ve been going to them since they’ve opened up. I use to go all the time when I lived closer, but since we moved, I’m lucky if I go once a week!
  3. Massages – I just discovered the benefits of getting a massage. It has absolutely helped my carpal tunnel. I noticed recently I have been experiencing the consequences of long drives, staying more than 8 hours in the office,  poor posture, staying in a fixed position for a long period of time. I have been making a more conscious effort to avoid that such as stay away from my desk but sometimes the time slips away.
  4. Facials – Back when we paid very low rent and had more disposable income, I would go for facials. Because of time and money, I’ve been doing more in-home facials and they’re just as good too.
  5. Travel – Of course this would be on the list!
  6. New clothes – As of this year I wanted to make my wardrobe more like a capsule wardrobe. I have to say, getting ready for anything has never been more efficient! But it does not mean I don’t like buying new clothes. I just buy signficantly less.
  7. Ice cream/desserts – As you can see, I like posting reviews on ice cream. 
  8. Artisanal coffeeCacao Latte
  9. Shows – I love going shows whether it’s a stand-up comedy shows, Broadway show, or a musical concert.
  10. Buying unique foods from the grocery store 
  11. Starting a craft project 
  12. Remodeling the house -This is always a work in a progress. 
  13. Event planning – Whether it’s a small gathering with friends or a big work networking event, I enjoy planning them all.
  14. Nespresso capsules – I love my Nespresso and I can’t start my morning without it!
  15. Renting clothes – My capsule wardrobe mostly consists of nothing too fancy just business casual clothes for work and things outside of work. I love using Rent the Runway to rent clothes for special occasions such as weddings and other big events so I don’t have to go and buy an outfit for one occasion ever again.

This list is a nice reminder for days when I do get caught up, I can alway look at my “Joy List” to add a little bit of something to my day even if it is a walking break during lunch.

What things bring you joy and meaning? Feel free to list to your heart’s content!

Need inspiration — check out this article to help you get started: 100 Small Things That Can Bring You Joy from WiseBread

Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Share: Joy List”

  1. Happy Birthday. Loved the list and the way you divided it. I did this when I turned 50, and called it 50 things I know at 50. #1 was ice cream is a food group, #2. So is coffee. I would say great minds think alike Julie. Have a good rest of your day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s too funny! I believe in #1 and #2 too! I wanted a joy list because I worked very hard and went full speed ahead in my 20s. I was ready to think my 30s was “crash and burn” but it doesn’t have to be.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No. By no means no. I think my favorite years were my 40’s. And at 50 I can look back and say…dang I deserve this. I have worked hard for this. Every stage of life has it’s “fun”. Enjoy your Saturday.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful post Julie and a belated happy birthday.So many things on this list resonate with me too. Nothing beats a long massage! 🙂 This is a great reminder for when we’re having an off day. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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