Paula in the Wild

The [X] in the Wild series has been a fun project to do because I get an opportunity to get to know different bloggers from all over the world. Plus I get to apply my interviewer skills.

Meet Paula — she has two blogs: her personal blog, The Geeky Shopaholic and her business blog, Paula Sexton Hickey, Virtual Assistant. And her 9-to-5 job is an 8 PM-8 PM job as a night shift assistant manager. That’s crazy!  Check out the interview below!

Paula HickeyWhat is your blog about? At my personal blog, I write about the things that I love – books, geeky movies and TV shows, blogging, and my life in general.

At my business website, I’m sharing my journey as I start up my own business as well as tips and tricks I learn along the way.

What’s your 9-to-5? I work 8pm- 8am as a night-shift assistant manager for a major retail store. I’ve been with the company 17 years! And I’ve been an assistant manager for five years. Four of which has been on nights. I stayed on nights because of the schedule. Four nights on and three nights off! Which is a pretty sweet schedule!

Location: Tennessee

Favorite places in Tennessee?
Pigeon Forge is one of my favorite places to visit. There is so much to do in that area. You have Dollywood, all kinds of shows and attractions, and you’re close to the Aquarium in Gatlinburg,. My husband and I like to get away over there and rent a cabin for a few days. It so relaxing and fun! You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but the town is just a few minutes away. I also love the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville. My sister and I saw Cinderella there last year and it was amazing! And the theatre is beautiful! Chattanooga is also a fun place to visit. Rock City is my favorite! And the Chattanooga Theatre is awesome! And if you love a train ride, you have to visit the Tennessee Valley Railroad. My friends and I took a ride a few  years ago and it was so much fun!

What was your main drive behind your blog?
I started blogging on a whim. Everyone else was doing it, so why not?! But then I found that I really enjoyed having a place to share my thoughts and connect with people. It also brought back my love of writing!

My business blog is mostly a way to showcase to potential clients my writing style and let them know a little about me.

What topics does your blog cover?
I share my thoughts on books, movies, and TV shows. But I also write about deeper issues like faith and feminism. The business blog so far is about my journey as a VA (virtual assistant) and what I’m learning along the way.

For people who are visiting your blog for the first time, what posts and/or series should they read?
Two of my most popular posts are about blogging: 8 Blogging Rules Everyone Needs to Follow and 8 Things Bloggers Don’t Have to Do. One of my personal favorites is one I wrote for International Women’s Day, The Women I Admire the Most.

What are your short/ long term goals?
My short term goal is to make enough money as a VA that I can step down from my assistant manager position. That would allow me to focus even more on my business. Long term I want to be a full time VA.

What are meaningful things/activities in your life?
Spending time with my husband and our two pups is the best part of everyday. And spending time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. I don’t see them a lot but I love the time I do get to spend with them.


Folks, she would like to emphasize this is not her kid, but her nephew :-).

How do you start your day?
I wish I could say that I was one of those people who had an amazing morning routine and spent an hour writing while drinking a cup of coffee, but the truth is I’m barely functioning when I wake up. The only reason I can dress myself is that I laid my outfit out before I went to bed!

What is your favorite way to end the day?
Laying in bed next to my hubby, listening to the pups snore.

You got a free plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? London! I’m a Doctor Who fan after all! And I need my picture at Platform 9 3⁄4! Because I also love Harry Potter!

Most valuable advice you’ve received: “If the direction
you’re going in doesn’t scare you, you’re going in the wrong direction!” I can’t remember where I first read this quote, but it has always stuck with me.

Complete this sentence, you can never leave your home without…my phone, lip balm, and sunglasses.

Wow, you have two blogs! How do you find time to blog? Any tips on managing multiple blogs?
I actually wrote a post about this on my blog. My life has changed a lot since I wrote it though. I’m now married and I’ve started my own business. I don’t have the time to post three days a week like I use to. Now I post twice a month at each blog. And even that isn’t easy to do.

Some weeks are harder than others to find time for everything. I take advantage of any spare time I have to write and then I schedule my posts in advance. That schedule option is a life saver! I also work on my blog during my breaks and lunches at work. I’ll do things like answer emails and comments. I also keep a running list of post idea on my phone, so that when I do write all I have to do is pick a topic and start.

Get social with Paula. You can check her social medias at:

Do you blog and work a full time job? Do you want to be featured? Feel free to reach out!


7 thoughts on “Paula in the Wild”

  1. Good idea to have two blogs.
    And if it’s for me the regular one with friends here are the dreamer one for us dreamers. Since dreams have no restrictions or limits, the dreamer one should be super.
    But then there should be a good number of fellow dreamers

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  2. First time I’m visiting your blog and glad I’ve found it. I always enjoy blogger interviews.
    Totally agree with your view on lifestyle blogs.
    I love having the opportunity to be creative after all day at the office.

    Liked by 1 person

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