August/September Breakdown, October goals

I did not get to review August goals nor did I put together a September goal post last month, but I am going to still recap and feature a few photos from the past month!

20170929_194138.jpgVan Nuys Art Festival

August goals in review:

  1. Get an indoor plant. Completed. I bought several throughout August and September
  2. Complete Phase III of the Pergola project — move and reuse the concrete to provide drainage to our pavers. Did not complete. It looks like due to the hot, hot weather, our pergola project won’t be completed in time for November. Thankfully, we won’t be having Friendsgiving at our house.
  3. Complete 300 classes at Pure Barre – Completed on August 30th.

    Yay! 300 celebration for me!
  4. Create a flower bed – This is in progress. I hope this week I get to complete my first flower bed!

September re-cap:

I did not put together any goals but that does not mean I did not hit any milestones:

  1. Started my interview series for Motivation Monday featuring bloggers who work full-time jobs. It’s wonderful reminder we work to live, not the other way around; they are dreamers and love to pursue things in life that are meaningful. It’s refreshing to meet fellow bloggers from the around the wold who hustle like me.
  2. I turned 30!! 
  3. Decluttering – I’ve been on a purge. After more than 2 years living in the our house, we unpacked some boxes and gave our stuff “homes” around the house. We always thought “well we are going to remodel this place anyways” which is why we did not unpack. But we haven’t decided when because remodelling is expensive. For the past year, we saved like crazy, went on a wallet diet, rented our spare room to save up to get our electrical updated. In the meantime, instead of having our stuff in limbo, let’s make our house look like a home. This meant letting go of a lot of things we accumulated over the years. Which leads me to…
  4. Got rid of my car – After 7 years good years, I let go of my car which means 1 less car in the drive way.
  5. Threw in the brakes – I threw in the brakes for the sake of my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. For a long, long time my mind was in a fog. I was not sure when it started but I thought it would go away on its own but it did not. I was constantly apologizing for not feeling present. I took action to break away from my mind fog in many ways from taking more vacations, writing this blog, filling out my planner, spending less hours in the office, do more research on thriving. I am happy to say in September the fog has cleared.
  6. Created a “joy list” – I visit this list frequently to give me ways on how to make my day better. It’s funny how eating ice cream makes all the difference.DSC_7913.jpg


My top posts for September:


October Goals:

  1. Finish the first flower bed
  2. Fill my daily planner with no more than 6 things — up to 3 goals for work, 3 goals for personal.
  3. Complete the my City Slicker Hiking Challenge. As of today, I need to complete 10 more hikes by the end of this month!
  4. Hang all our art in our house — I’ve been meaning to do this since we first moved to our house. What stopped us was we had plans to remodel but we never got to it because of the cost. It’d be better to have our house build equity and use that equity to remodel. If say, when we hang all our art in the house and remodelling happens tomorrow, that’s ok. At least our house felt more like a home than a rental.

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