Happy New Year!

Where did 2017 go? Gladly all through 2017 I carried a planner each day to track good habits, journal each event, accomplishments, adventures, etc. I never thought I’d eventually adopt the idea of having a paper planner and LOVED every time I open my planner. I’ve also met a community of other people like me who love the art of analog notebooks.

Also 2017 was when I decided to blog again. Maybe it was because of the 52 Hike Challenge I discovered all the overlooked places Los Angeles has to offer I wanted to start a blog to share about the small pockets of green spaces in a notoriously large and urban city. But then it branched into something more. It made me return to the things I love about blogging. People come from different occupations, lifestyles, and parts of the world — their stories are definitely worth following. I live in Los Angeles, but I don’t live near the beach or in any trendy zip code. I thought I could make a lifestyle blog where the average Angeleno lives. Sure a “lifestyle” blog is not necessarily “niche” blogging, but from someone who comes from a large city, I was tired of reading the same type lifestyle blog from some famous large city in some trendy apartment that truly reads as tourism magazine. I was starting to question its authenticity: did this blogger really enjoy such and such event or did they go because it’s the next coolest thing? I knew if I were to blog again, I want to commit to being present in the things I do and share it. Besides, if I were to spend so much time chasing the next trendy restaurant, I would not have any time engaging with the awesome blogging community.

This latest iteration in blogging has been so freeing and fun to write about things in my life that bring me joy. Aside from hiking, I enjoy sharing photos of my travels — though I am not a travel blogger. I enjoy reviewing books I’ve read, though I am not a book blogger either. I feel because it is my blog, I write what I want.

Anyways here’s 2018 and hopefully, if my schedule is not too crazy, another engaging year in blogging!



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