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Things I’d like to do differently in graduate school

Put school first — no compromises 

I told my Toastmasters club I would not be attending meetings for the next several weeks due to my school schedule. For my first class in the program, I am required to attend a live virtual class once a week. However, this virtual class is scheduled during the days and times we usually meet for Toastmasters. Because each class is different, I can not say I am leaving Toastmasters for good just yet. This is my first class in the program so who knows what the schedule is like for the next class or the class after that.

After announcing my hiatus, I received an e-mail reply saying that I hope I don’t end up leaving due to school. In an attempt to re-engage me this person added, “I was able to do both my online school and Toastmasters. I found that TM was a needed break from school and work. We will miss you in Feb and March, but congrats on your new program.”

I was a little turned off by the reply. It implicates maybe you should wiggle yourself into Toastmasters even if you are not really available, who cares about succeeding in school. Also, this reply implicates that I have no hobbies and if I did, leaves those and ONLY do Toastmasters. This e-mail is telling that this person is a stress-aholic. No, thank you.

This is just one example of the things in my life that demands a lot of me and my time. With that being said, I pledge to say “no” to late nights in the office and last-minute hold-ups. If you’ve got an “emergency”, it can wait.


(Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash)


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