Etosha Natonal Park, Namibia

Sh!th*le countries you should visit

I’ll try to not get too much into the politics but I need to say this: I don’t think it is ok for people to say the current U.S. President is ignorant and not well-versed in response to the “shithole” comment he made about countries in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Calling him “ignorant” is more of an excuse to mitigate what he really is — a racist. I am not sure how much lower this can get.

In response to that, I want to share some of the shithole places I’d like to travel to. I urge all of you go to shithole places sometime in your life to dispel the things others have said or stereotyped, causing us to warp our perceptions about the world around us. That’s the wonderful thing about travel — it is truly is something you can spend on that makes you richer.


Why Haiti? There’s a ruined French palace and a sprinkle of ruined fortresses in Haiti. Viewing these photos takes me back to Angkor Wat in Cambodia — a ruined city in the tropics — without. It is wonderful to find gems like these in the Americas.



Port au Prince Haiti

Port au Prince — gorgeous colorful buildings! (source)


Sans-Souci Palace: The Ruined Palace of King Henry I of Haiti (source)

fort des oliviers haiti

Fort des Oliviers (source). Find more gorgeous photos in the New York Times.

South Africa


South Africa has long been on my list for as long as I remember! It’s so hard to a plan a trip that is less than 14 days because South Africa is such a big, diverse country of coastlines, safaris, and cities. Let’s not forget about penguins hanging out at the beach! I need to see penguins hanging out at the beach!

Hout Bay South Africa

Hout Bay (source)

Durban South Africa

Durban (source)

Pretoria Jacaranda South Africa

Admire the Jacaranda trees in Pretoria (source)

penguins boulders beach south africa

There’s freaking penguins on a beach! (source)


Why? Because I’d like to take photos of the sand dunes. Don’t they look dreamy? Plus I’d like to see the rhinos at Etosha.

Etosha Natonal Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park (source) – Check out the original blog post for more beautiful pictures!

Skelaton Coast Namibia

Skelaton Coast (source)

Namib desert Namibia

Namib Desert (source)

Based on these pictures, they don’t look shithole to me. It is awful other people sensationalize and overexaggerate that a country is shitty due to dangerous, grave stereotypes such as diseases and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Where would you like to to go?


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