1 Class down, 11 more to go!

I am happy to say, I completed my first class in my grad school career with a bang! I got an “A” — I exceeded my own expectations. This is the first time I’ve been in school in ten years. So far, I enjoy the program, and I am learning a lot of things on a deeper level.

What has changed:

  1. Well, I do get less sleep. To do well in an online graduate school program, you get out what you put in.
  2. At work, I still work full-time. At my job, I am the most senior person in my team, aside from my supervisor. Before at my work, I use to take care of things for my subordinates, so it gets done. Nowadays, I do more coaching, so I am not left to pick up the pieces. My supervisor was pushing me to do this for years to more delegating and coaching with my colleagues. It’s definitely helped a lot with my workload.
  3. I use to have that go, go, go mentality. Now I apply the brakes.
  4. I take a more careful look at my planner to judge if I have enough bandwidth to do something whether it’s work-related, school-related, or life-related. In my first class, I had a midterm paper due on a Sunday I had a writing proficiency exam scheduled for the following day. I remembered during that same week building up to those exams was an unusually busy week at work where it involved a lot of driving and doing a large print job. During finals week, the events at work were back-to-back insanity of travel, training, focus groups, meetings, and even news crew interview. At the end of each day at work, I told myself, I need to get to writing that final paper. The lesson learned here: If I can control my own calendar, then take control of it otherwise it controls you. Instead of blindly saying “yes,” review your calendar first.
  5. There’s a little less cooking. My diet has mostly been eggs, bread, potato, Noosa yogurt, and tofu.
  6. Reaching for the sparkling water. There are times when I feel crunched, I crave something sweet. I could stuff myself with candy, chocolate, and ice cream but for some reason, drinking some sparkling water help curb my sugar cravings. The funny thing is, for as long as I remember, we never stock any sweet soda products.

This past week is our week off before we start another 8 weeks for the next class!

I am still getting a feel for my new schedule. For now, I think these random sporadic updates will do for the time being.

A couple of random things to share:


Yesterday I went to Urban Plates in Thousand Oaks with my friends. It reminds me of a more expensive version of Lemonade, but you get fewer choices of sides. I do like the passionfruit coconut milk. If I find some passionfruit, I’ll attempt to make this drink. I believe there’s also a hint of lemon.


I purchased a 23andMe kit for myself and my husband for Valentine’s Day last month. We did receive our results this week. Stay tuned. Our breakdown was interesting. For reference, I am Filipino, and my husband is Vietnamese.


4 thoughts on “1 Class down, 11 more to go!”

  1. Congrats on the first grad class and hope the others will be just as good. It sounds like you plan very well and are very organised – and I also find this helps me stay and feel in control. Didn’t know that sparkling water can curb cravings 🙂


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