1 Class down, 11 more to go!

I am happy to say, I completed my first class in my grad school career with a bang! I got an "A" -- I exceeded my own expectations. This is the first time I've been in school in ten years. So far, I enjoy the program, and I am learning a lot of things on… Continue reading 1 Class down, 11 more to go!

grad school

One month of grad school — done!

Tomorrow will be official one month where I have been a grad student. How has that been going for me? Brace yourself, this is a rant. Despite me being a part-time grad student with a full-time job, despite it being 100% online it's been tough to juggle. For the last two weeks, I was putting… Continue reading One month of grad school — done!


Meet Teddy

For those who follow this blog, you may have seen Teddy, my miniature schnauzer, making a few cameos. Here's a photo of his first day with us when he became ours. He use to live with a family who lived in a house about a few miles over who could not have him anymore. At the time,… Continue reading Meet Teddy


Joshua Tree teasers

Here are some photos from my phone. Me and my friends went to Joshua Tree over the weekend. It is worth the day trip if you live in Southern California. Stay tuned for a lovely time lapse night photo my husband produced. Right now here are some teasers. What is not pictured here are the… Continue reading Joshua Tree teasers


Juice Stand

I was coming from the Bangkok airport taking the train to the city center to meet my college friend showing me around Bangkok. I remembered when I got off the train, I was greeted by this lovely juice stand -- there were so many bright colors and it looked so fresh. The display was beautifully… Continue reading Juice Stand


Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone! I came across a post on Med à la Mode about work-life balance as a healthcare professional. I work in retirement living. It is an interesting hybrid of healthcare,  recreation, and real estate. In retirement living, there are nurses and other non-medical line staff on the floor taking care of the older… Continue reading Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional


Mute the noise, turn up the thoughts

I did the 52 Hike Challenge last year because wanted to move more and get more exercise. Through this journey, I found a lot more. Most of the hikes, I hiked alone. I did not mind it. I knew better to pack more than enough for my hikes like water, more water, lots of snacks, and… Continue reading Mute the noise, turn up the thoughts

Etosha Natonal Park, Namibia

Sh!th*le countries you should visit

I'll try to not get too much into the politics but I need to say this: I don't think it is ok for people to say the current U.S. President is ignorant and not well-versed in response to the "shithole" comment he made about countries in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Calling him "ignorant"… Continue reading Sh!th*le countries you should visit

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Things I’d like to do differently in graduate school

Put school first -- no compromises  I told my Toastmasters club I would not be attending meetings for the next several weeks due to my school schedule. For my first class in the program, I am required to attend a live virtual class once a week. However, this virtual class is scheduled during the days… Continue reading Things I’d like to do differently in graduate school

Rome Porta Tiburtina

Still around

This was a photo from two years ago when my husband and I finally went to Italy for our honeymoon about a year after we got married. This photo was taken on our first day arriving to Rome at the train station walking to our AirBnB. We were elated to finally take some vacation, we… Continue reading Still around


2018 Reading Wish List

In 2018, I will probably read less books because I will not have a lot of recreational reading time due to graduate school. But that does not mean I won't be able to carve out time. I usually like to read a paper book before going to bed to relax my eyes after interacting with… Continue reading 2018 Reading Wish List


Mocha kayaks at Lake Skadar, Montenegro

Mocha is so lucky to have traveled more than we have. She got to go to Montenegro last year with Vikki (Journey Through the Trees). Death by Kayak paddle To begin the day we all met down by the river in our village of Virpazar all ready and rearing to go. I can’t remember the… Continue reading Mocha kayaks at Lake Skadar, Montenegro