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Pin(terest) Wins!

Pinterest is awesome, but it can also drive me nuts! On my Pinterest page you'll find I have a Pinterest board for everything from outfits, hiking, travel, books, productivity, drinks, cooking, home decorating -- there are so many possibilities. Pinterest has been a wonderful way to get inspired and exchange ideas across the internet once… Continue reading Pin(terest) Wins!

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Week 5: Bangkok, Los Angeles, Naples

Week  4 of the Weekly Travel Blogging Challenge: Top 3 Cultural Foods "Travel Tuesday" is a back and I am so excited to post this set because my favorite thing about travel is the food. Here are my Top 3 Cities with the best food. Bangkok, Thailand I was in Southeast Asia back in 2012 exploring… Continue reading Week 5: Bangkok, Los Angeles, Naples


Amarinyo Gelato

It is hotter in the Valley compared to other places in Los Angeles. Maybe not as hot as Palmdale, but the weather here is surely not West Los Angeles because the hills and mountains separate us from the beach. As soon as you go over the hills, the weather is a 20 degree difference. With… Continue reading Amarinyo Gelato


White Rose and French Espresso ice cream

Because yesterday was 103 degrees and today is 100 degrees. Stay cool everyone!  There a lot of unique flavors such as melon, pink rose, white rose, saffron, orange blossom, cucumber, etc.  Going to Saffron and Rose in  Westwood was a real treat because it's in my college town. I haven't been to either in ages. Last… Continue reading White Rose and French Espresso ice cream


Wasabi Flavored Ice Cream from Owl’s

Top flavor, Wasabi -- It does taste like wasabi and it's spicy. It did taste good when I had the sample, but the more I ate it, the less I liked it. Bottom flavor, Honey Rosemary - This one was my favorite of the two. It was floral and pleasant. Owl's Ice Cream 19763 Rinaldi… Continue reading Wasabi Flavored Ice Cream from Owl’s


Kiddos Creamery

Top flavor, Matcha - The best green tea flavor I've had in a while! Bottom flavor, Mozarella - I thought there was going to be mozarella cheese in this ice cream. I was wrong. Some of these flavors are based off of Tokidoki characters like Mozarella and Latte. The mozarella  flavor reminded me of stracciatella with chunkier chocolate pieces. Kiddos… Continue reading Kiddos Creamery


Blue Star Donuts in Portland

Address 3753 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 Brace yourself, I'll be binge-posting a few more things from our vacation. I think Blue Star Donuts deserves a post of its own. They're delicious not-too-sweet brioche donuts and I am glad they have a spot in Venice Beach so I don't need a plane ticket to… Continue reading Blue Star Donuts in Portland

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Dragonfruit cider

Elliot Bay Public House and Brewery 12537 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125 Yesterday was our last night at Seattle. To end it, we went to gastropub. I can't believe since we've been to Seattle, we haven't had a drink. It was really late and there were not a lot of food options and… Continue reading Dragonfruit cider

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Along the Waterfront 

Yesterday, we went on an Underground tour of Seattle. I can't wait to share those photos and share a little bit of history of Seattle without giving too many spoilers. After the tour, we walked around the waterfront admiring the bay views. Maybe for the next trip to the Seattle, I'd like to take the… Continue reading Along the Waterfront 


Lunch at Seattle: Turkish Delight

Address: 1930 Pike Pl Seattle, WA 98101 My husband went to Turkey a couple months back for work and ate very well while he was there. Yesterday, after our train ride from Portland to Seattle, we decided to get some Turkish food. The name "Turkish Delight" got my attention because my husband kept raving about… Continue reading Lunch at Seattle: Turkish Delight


Portland food posts 

After going to the Memorial Day service, walking around the zoo, and racking up more than 19,000 steps on FitBit -- my husband and I needed to eat something. It's safe to say we burned our calories from Sunday night's meal at Podnah's.  Killer Burger From left to right: The Barnyard Burger with the fried egg… Continue reading Portland food posts 


Podnah’s Pit BBQ, Portland (OR)

Address: Podnah's Pit BBQ ​1625 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211 I am so glad before hopping on an airplane to Portland, I went to spin class and I had a light, light breakfast. On most daya breakfast is my heaviest meal of the day. Today, I am glad I saved my stomach for BBQ. … Continue reading Podnah’s Pit BBQ, Portland (OR)