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Pin(terest) Wins!

Pinterest is awesome, but it can also drive me nuts! On my Pinterest page you'll find I have a Pinterest board for everything from outfits, hiking, travel, books, productivity, drinks, cooking, home decorating -- there are so many possibilities. Pinterest has been a wonderful way to get inspired and exchange ideas across the internet once… Continue reading Pin(terest) Wins!


Pineapple “whip”

What do you do with leftover bananas? You freeze them and make some fake "ice cream" made out of bananas. It's better known as "nice cream". The base is always banana to make it creamy and sweet plus a few tablespoons of non-dairy milk to make it smooth and blended. From there,  you can add… Continue reading Pineapple “whip”

waffle cinammon roll

Things to put in a waffle maker: Cinnamon rolls

I got a waffle maker a few weeks back and it's given me an opportunity to be creative. Instead of using plain ol' waffle mix, I've use rice, cauliflower mix, mashed bananas and eggs, and coconut waffle mix from Trader Joe's. I thought using cinnamon rolls would be interesting. I bought a roll of pre-made… Continue reading Things to put in a waffle maker: Cinnamon rolls