Iceland teasers

Iceland, you exceeded my expectations. You are a unique country. You have volcanoes. You have snow. You have incredible waterfalls. You pride in your nature and your geothermal energy. It was an incredible trip. Below are a FEW photos from the trip to get LITTLE preview whilst I settle with my day-to-day, prep for grad… Continue reading Iceland teasers


Week 21: Not Quite the End

Week 21: Your challenge post highlights and what you’ve learned during this challenge The Travel Challenge ends here but Travel Tuesday will still live on though. I have plenty of other posts I can fill on Tuesdays with such as: Mocha's Travelling Photos More travel stories. Based on a lot of my posts I can certainly… Continue reading Week 21: Not Quite the End

Tahoe 2014

Week 20: Travel bucket list (countries/activities)

First I want to say, this has been an awesome stomach-churning World Series between the Dodgers and the Astros. I did hope for a long series and they are certainly delivering. The games are running past my bedtime throwing off my daily schedule, but it's been so exciting! Ahh yes, my travel series is almost… Continue reading Week 20: Travel bucket list (countries/activities)


Week 19: Travel Confessions

Week 19: Confessions For this post, I'll list out a few travel confessions I am guilty of. Sometimes I check my work e-mail during my vacation - Despite before my vacation I create an out-of-office reply, I check my e-mail and sometimes I *shudders* reply. When I was in Seattle in May, I kept checking… Continue reading Week 19: Travel Confessions


Week 18: Learn a Language

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. - Nelson Mandela Week 18: Humbling things learned from traveling When I go outside of a (non-English speaking) country, I am impressed to the locals who… Continue reading Week 18: Learn a Language

The Wangs Vs. The World by Jade Chang

Week 17: Leaving books behind

This week's topic for the Weekly Travel Challenge is "Things to Purge." When I travel for work, I like to bring a couple of books with me to read to keep myself entertained during my train ride or flight. I like to give my eyes a break from looking at screens all day. I cherish… Continue reading Week 17: Leaving books behind

Hike, travel

Hike 32/52: Wandering Through a Forest of Giants

The Grant Grove is a popular spot in Sequoia/Kings Canyon because it has the General Grant Grove tree -- one of the largest trees in world. Before going to Grant Grove, I thought the trees through our daily drive out of the camp site was huge. These trees in Grant Grove certainly dwarf them all!… Continue reading Hike 32/52: Wandering Through a Forest of Giants

General, travel

Week 16: Ziplining

Week 16: Scary and cool travel stories Not scary, more like thrilling and cool! One day I'd like to write about 100 Travel experiences one should do in their lifetime. In my book, I would certainly include a ziplining tour. It does not matter where; it could be in Catalina island, Denali National Park, Zion Canyon.… Continue reading Week 16: Ziplining


Week 15: Focus on the present and what is good

Week 15: Travel Regrets My travel regret is to have never done a study abroad whether it was a yearlong or even a week. This is a MAJOR thing I wished I changed in my twenties. At the time I was working as a waitress to pay for the school items, rent, entertainment, clothes, and… Continue reading Week 15: Focus on the present and what is good


Week 14: Part one of many…my favorite travel destinations

Week 14: Top three favorite destinations For this week's Travel Tuesday, I'll be sharing my top three travel destinations. Top Three? How did I narrow this down? Well I did not... Think of this little list as part of a far longer list of favorite destination ;-). Angkor Wat (Cambodia):  This was my first big trip… Continue reading Week 14: Part one of many…my favorite travel destinations


Unleash the Flower Power!

This was in the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle-- it's such a unique place!  I don't even know what I was doing in this photo. It's likely I was taking a photo from my smart phone. Thank you, husband, for taking this photo! A year ago my husband, my brother-in-law, and I went to… Continue reading Unleash the Flower Power!


Week 13: Scandinavian, Hmong, American

Week 13: Unique Cultures Encountered To start off, I am not well-versed some of the cultures listed below these are just my observations to why I think they're unique. Scandinavian When I was in Cambodia, I met a traveler named Ida who was from Norway. The first thing I said was, "Norway?! I hear you're… Continue reading Week 13: Scandinavian, Hmong, American