grad school

One month of grad school — done!

Tomorrow will be official one month where I have been a grad student. How has that been going for me? Brace yourself, this is a rant. Despite me being a part-time grad student with a full-time job, despite it being 100% online it's been tough to juggle. For the last two weeks, I was putting… Continue reading One month of grad school — done!


Top Posts of 2017

Here a round-up of the top posts from this year. It was interesting to see which posts had the most views but I also wanted to share my favorite posts for the year. Most Views: About - Not really a post but it did get quite a lot of views. I miss looking out of the… Continue reading Top Posts of 2017

Donut Man Strawberry donut

Weekly Coffee Share: Last one before I turn 30

If we were having coffee, it would be at home and I'd serve these life-changing donuts. On Friday, my coworker took me and few coworkers to this donut place called Donut man. I'm not a fan of glazed donuts, but these are different not too sweet. Last week, I saw Miss Sloane -- I love… Continue reading Weekly Coffee Share: Last one before I turn 30

Caballero Canyon Santa Monica Mountains

Weekly Coffee Share: A Mini-Vacation

If we were having coffee, I'd serve Iced Raspberry Lattes at home. This is my favorite post because it's an opportunity just write about anything in one post. My first guest post! I did my first guest post for The Cappuccino Traveler featuring one of my favorite coffee places in LA. Go check it out!… Continue reading Weekly Coffee Share: A Mini-Vacation


Celebrate Change

When I first got engaged, I didn't anticipate everyday would be a barrage of questions. It comes in phases in the beginning it's "Can I see your ring?" "How did he proposed?" "Did you know where he bought your ring?" "How much did the ring cost?" "Why is your engagement ring a sapphire [not a… Continue reading Celebrate Change