grad school

One month of grad school — done!

Tomorrow will be official one month where I have been a grad student. How has that been going for me? Brace yourself, this is a rant. Despite me being a part-time grad student with a full-time job, despite it being 100% online it's been tough to juggle. For the last two weeks, I was putting… Continue reading One month of grad school — done!


Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone! I came across a post on Med à la Mode about work-life balance as a healthcare professional. I work in retirement living. It is an interesting hybrid of healthcare,  recreation, and real estate. In retirement living, there are nurses and other non-medical line staff on the floor taking care of the older… Continue reading Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional


The 2017 52-Hike Challenge reflections

I finished the 52 Hike Challenge on December 31st. It really did take me all year to do it. I almost thought I was not going to finish this challenge because in the beginning of December, I was on #43. But another part of me thought it was still possible to power through 9 more hikes… Continue reading The 2017 52-Hike Challenge reflections