Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone! I came across a post on Med à la Mode about work-life balance as a healthcare professional. I work in retirement living. It is an interesting hybrid of healthcare,  recreation, and real estate. In retirement living, there are nurses and other non-medical line staff on the floor taking care of the older… Continue reading Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional


The 2017 52-Hike Challenge reflections

I finished the 52 Hike Challenge on December 31st. It really did take me all year to do it. I almost thought I was not going to finish this challenge because in the beginning of December, I was on #43. But another part of me thought it was still possible to power through 9 more hikes… Continue reading The 2017 52-Hike Challenge reflections


Motivation Monday: Happiness Wins

In the beginning of the year, there was a prompt in the few pages of my planner asking what is my power mantra. I did not have one in particular. I simply wrote, "I'd rather be happy." Now it's the end of year and I revisit the "what is my mantra" prompt towards the last… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Happiness Wins


Pursue happiness, disregard other people’s approval

"Through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, we keep achieving, craving the external validation that comes when we get all As or are chosen to captain the team. I was, and am, extremely ambitious. But the more we achieve in order to win the approval of others, the further we get from our own goals—and happiness."… Continue reading Pursue happiness, disregard other people’s approval


Monday Motivation: I’m back

...actually, I came back from Iceland on Friday night. It was such a fantastic trip. Stayed tuned for Travel Tuesdays and the future one's thereafter. Also on Friday night, when I arrived to LAX, I turned on my phone to find out I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE MPA PROGRAM!! I start school on January 21st.… Continue reading Monday Motivation: I’m back


Part II of Grad School Applications(?)

We're still talking about this? Why yes we are! I applied last May with the intention to start this year in the fall. I thought to myself, if I hear back, great but if I don't get accepted, then it's not meant to be. Then I got a response from the program that they needed… Continue reading Part II of Grad School Applications(?)