Joshua Tree teasers

Here are some photos from my phone. Me and my friends went to Joshua Tree over the weekend. It is worth the day trip if you live in Southern California. Stay tuned for a lovely time lapse night photo my husband produced. Right now here are some teasers. What is not pictured here are the… Continue reading Joshua Tree teasers


Hike 34/52 Exploring along the river

Date: September 3rd Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Weather: Cool, rainy Distance: 2 miles We spent our last day in Sequoia and Kings Canyon exploring along the river until it rained. When it rained too hard, we had to stop exploring otherwise it'd be too slippery to hike. I think it'd be impossible to climb back up! Koda did a… Continue reading Hike 34/52 Exploring along the river

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Hike 32/52: Wandering Through a Forest of Giants

The Grant Grove is a popular spot in Sequoia/Kings Canyon because it has the General Grant Grove tree -- one of the largest trees in world. Before going to Grant Grove, I thought the trees through our daily drive out of the camp site was huge. These trees in Grant Grove certainly dwarf them all!… Continue reading Hike 32/52: Wandering Through a Forest of Giants


Back from Sequoia/Life Audit

I'm back from Sequoia and Kings Canyon! Here are some photos taken from my smart phone. Stay tuned for photos from my Sony NEX camera! How was it? Comparing this trip to last year's trip to Zion National Park -- Zion was more glamping. Come on -- we had wi-fi in our camping ground and… Continue reading Back from Sequoia/Life Audit


Experience Zion

We went to Zion last year during Memorial Day Weekend. No filters nor photoshop jobs are required. These rocks are as red as they appear, the skies are coated with cobalt with cumulous kisses. Have you been to Zion? Nature is something outside our body, but the mind is within us. Bhumibol Adulyadej Weekly Photo… Continue reading Experience Zion